By Ann Marie Woodburn

Last week, IBM announced a new cloud service that will analyze videos. The tool will utilize the IBM Watson platform to analyze the video for keywords, concepts, images, tone, and emotional context. We are looking forward to the release of this new service at the end of the year as it complements our VideoRecon platform. IBM’s entrance in the market validates what we have believed for the past year and what our users have been testing for the past 6 months. Now that the ecosystem is starting to grow, we have extended our platform to focus on solving specific enterprise use cases.

VideoRecon is a platform that uses deep learning to “watch” and “listen” to videos. It returns “auto-tags” based on objects, audio, and descriptions it identifies in the video content. These tags make the video file easier to search, filter, and analyze. Currently, businesses manually tag each video by hand which can lead to human error, bias, and higher headcount depending on the quantity of videos and timeline for which the data is needed.

VideoRecon uses several of Watson’s APIs such as speech to text, tone analyzer, personality insights, natural language understanding, and visual recognition, IBM Cloud Object Storage plus our own unique services.

In the announcement, it discusses the impact this will have on media and entertainment companies to manage their content libraries. Not only in media and entertainment is this valuable but in education to analyze classroom videos, marketing or support videos posted online for clients, and even internal videos used for training or communications. The value of VideoRecon and IBM’s video service is that it enables users to more accurately tag videos, search and filter with ease, and view analytics more quickly.

Stay tuned as we roll out our new VideoRecon services and integrate with IBM’s video service in the next couple of months. If you would like to learn more about VideoRecon please reach out to us or sign up for beta access to our VideoRecon API or VideoRecon upload portal. If you would like to work with our platform in another way, please let us know!

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