VideoRecon & IBM InterConnect!

First off, sorry about being so quiet recently… we’ve been super heads-down working on VideoRecon over the last few months as we’ve worked our way to general availability on the base VideoRecon platform!

For the IBM InterConnect conference this week, we’re happy to announce that we’ve achieved this milestone in our journey and we’re officially offering our base VideoRecon platform for consumption by enterprises, service providers, and partners!

For now, the process for accessing VideoRecon is done by working directly with our customer success team (please submit a request at, but we’ll eventually have the ability to enable self-service onboarding and more user-driven tooling.

As many of you already know, VideoRecon is our video analytics platform that uses AI and deep learning in an open and easily accessible way in order to “watch” and “listen” to your videos and return back to the user useful and actionable information in the form of descriptive tags and timestamps.  Since we’re an open, API-driven platform, the source of these videos can be anything from a video content management system, media server, camera, integrated device, robot, or possibly something that hasn’t even been invented yet!  You bring the video, we bring the insights.

Based on our engagements so far, we’ve seen that working with VideoRecon is an interactive one with our team based on your specific enterprise use case for how you want to incorporate video analytics and computer vision into your business.  The base VideoRecon platform, while still very useful, is a general-purpose and untrained version (think of this like a small child in how it “sees” and interprets things it sees).  By partnering with our team, we can work with you via a mix of self-service tools and our code to mold the platform for how you want to use it.

Want to use VideoRecon to read a gauge in your production plant or refinery, monitor a key pipeline, analyze inventory in your retail store, or review hundreds of hours of security footage or raw video for video production?  We can work with your team to train VideoRecon to do what you need for your use case.  From a pricing standpoint, our general model is to charge by consumption (i.e. typically by “video minute”), depending on your use case, which allows for a simple and flexible utility pricing model.

Why announce this at InterConnect 2017?  As a video analytics platform for enterprises, we built much of VideoRecon on IBM Bluemix, IBM’s enterprise-focused cloud with many of the features around security and performance that you’d expect with IBM.  As part of this partnership, we’ll be doing sessions and will have an Expo booth at InterConnect (#687) as part of the BlueChasm booth (our company).

Thank you again to all our users and partners for helping us get to this point…  look forward to continuing to serve you and the next steps in our shared journey!

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